Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hanmade toddler trousers to a skirt

I loved making this skirt and I love seeing my little one in it.
So follow the steps below to enjoy your little one wearing one too.

Take a pair of trousers that fit, particualry on the waist.

 Take another skirt or cut just above the crotch.
 Unpick the crotch.

 This is the crotch that has been unpicked.
 Then unpick the seams on the trousers. Only open one seam per leg.
 Fold the legs in half
 And cut. So you then have 4 leg strips. It is important you don't just cut them as you want as much fabric to use as possible.
 Heam one longer length on each section. This will be the heam of the skirt.
So far, you have; the top part and then two lengths that have just been sewn together.

 Then sew the leg pieces together. Making one long piece that is heamed along the bottom edge. At this point the length looks really long, this is good!
 Turn everything the wrong way rounf and pin the length onto the bottom part of the skirt. As you pin it gather it as well.
 Start to sew the bottom length onto the waist gathering the long length as you go.
This is the skirt inside out, you can see the sewn edge of the frilly part of the skirt.
Turn it the right way round and enjoy!
I love how simple this project is. The main thing is to unpick the seams rather than cutting.

Maybe try this with your pair of trousers for summer, see what you can come up with.

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