Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July's crafty inspiration

Here are a few of my favourite inspirations, I wish I could do them all.

Enjoy browsing!

tin candles from sugarandcharmblog.com
turn beans into a necklace from etsy.com
turn your shoe box lids into wall art from houzz.com
homemade bows from cs5250.userapi.com
holiday card wreath from marthastewart.com
sew an envelope from old book pages from vintagewithlaces.blogspot.com
make a fabric bowl from  craftstylish.com
make a pin cushion from nanacompany.typepad.com
scrapbook style cook book from craftster.org

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hanmade birp cloths

This small project is super easy to make. make one or make loads! Once you get going you could be on a roll.

Choose some nice fabrics (that have been machine washed) some wadding and thread and thats it.

Here you go....

 My fabrics, all 100% cotton, white soft backing plus wadding
 Cut out a rectangle in the fabric and the white backing the same size.
 Cut out some wadding too, just abit smaller than the other two pieces of fabric.
Sandwich them together. Put the front and back fabrics pattern sides together with the wadding ontop.
 Sew around the rectangle.
 Leaving a small gap in one side.
 Then turn inside out using the gap you just left.
 ***TIP cut off the corners so they sit much better when they are the right way around.
 Pin the gap closed and press.
 Sew over the top with a coloured thread all the way round. Making sure you go really well over the gap.
 Pin in place where you want to sew a line over the fabric making it sewn into thirds.
 Sew the lines down the fabric.
Cut the loose ends. And thats it.
Fold the cloths on the sewn lines and repeat as many times to make lots and lots.

Hope you have enjoyed making them.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Garden growing update

Our weather hasn't been brilliant but our fruit and vegtables are still growing, phew!
Here are some pictures of how they are getting on

 Homegrown strawberries taste the best! So sweet and just right, much better then bought. If you have never grown strawberries they are easy, give it a go!

 My lettuce are growing well this year. They didn't do very well last year. I have started to realise the plus points to growing lettuce, when you don't know what else to have for dinner, it is instant. You don't need to pick the whole lettuce just take the leaves you want and tada!
Inbetween the lettuce are parsnips to be picked in the winter.
Gooseberries. They are abit different in flavour, but added with apple to make a crumble served with ice cream it makes a great pudding.
We also have onions and leaks growing, I htink they are doing ok, time will tell.

What are you growing?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

hanmade Henparty!

My sister is getting married at the end of the month (very exciting) so I planned a henparty for her.
We played lots of games, dressed the bride to be up, ate lovely food, more games, gave her pants and gifts, had takeaway, more games and then dressed up in our Hawian outfits and went to a hawian bar for cocktails.
It was a great time. Its great to have lots of fun and giggles together.

Of course we dressed her up as a bride! We then went to the park to play some games!

I thought I eould write about it including some of the games we played as some people have asked what we played. So here you go....

Two Truths and a Lie
This is a great icebreaker for guests who are just getting to know each other. Each guest tells the group three experiences he or she has had with the bride or groom; two are true, one is a lie. Guests then guess which one they think is a lie. Often, the most unbelievable stories are the truth!
Strawberry laces
Get into pairs and eat a strawberry lace without using your hands. Repeat to find the winner of the group.

Bridal Pictionary
This game is far from picture-perfect, but that’s half the fun! To get started, you’ll need a large pad of paper or a dry erase board, markers, slips of paper and a bowl. Write down common wedding-related sayings on each slip of paper and place in the bowl. Here are some great examples: “going to the chapel,” “wedded bliss,” and “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Then, divide the guests into two teams. Each team—and team member—takes turns pulling a piece of paper from the bowl. The person who pulls must be the artist for that round. He or she draws the image (without writing words or letters) within a 60-second time limit. If the artist’s team doesn’t guess the correct answer, the other team gets a shot. The team who guesses the most sayings correctly wins.
Handbag game
Everyone holds their own handbag on the lap. Choose a letter of the alphabet, say it out loud, the first person to say and show something from their handbag beginning with that letter wins.

Toilet paper dress
Using toilet paper in two teams make the best wedding dress in 4 minutes

Everyone write down something nice about the bride. Fold and put in a container. One person read each one out. The bride has to guess who wrote it and then 'snaps for ..... (name the bride) Its just nice to hear lovely things.

20 Questions
Ask the groom 20 quesations for him to answer before hand. On the day get your bride to answer the questions as he answered them. So funny, particuarly if you ask personal questions!

Give everyone a pen and piece of paper. The idea is you are making up a story. Each time you finish a sentance fold the piece of paper over and pass it on to the next person. And repeat the stages. Get everyone to write down:
Where they met
What he said
What she said
What happened
And a consequence
this is a brilliant game with lots of laughs. Encourage sillyness and creativity.

Who will do what!
Guess who the bride thinks will do the following things around the house when she is married:


Clean the bathroom


Take the rubbish out

Pay the bills

Write greetings cards

Food shopping


Wash the car

Cut the grass

Clean the windows

Be the main driver

Wrap presents

Order takeout

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Car journey survival!

So we have been on holiday, of which started with an eight hour car journey, with a toddler. So I had to be prepared!
I did as much as I could do before the journey to make it as pleasent for us and as fun and unboring for my two year old.
Here is what I did...
 A few new books wrapped in gift wrap.

 I made this very cute fabric envelope which I put a pack of stickers, pencil crayons and I made a small note book for her scribbles.
 Some busy bag toys. See here on how to make a busy bag
 I made another fabirc envelope and put some small fun things inside. A rubber frog and some curtain loops
 Small container full of pompoms, a great fun 5 minute activity
 which I wrapped up too.

Plus s stop for a picnic lunch and run around and thwn of course when it was really needed a DVD.
And we survived!
Hope you find this helpful.