Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Growing seeds: update 2

We have been planting some vegtable seeds and they are growing, yay! Go here to see where we started.
After the toilet roll growing we moved them into trays to give each seddling abit more space. So we split the seedlings up and put on in each pot in the tray. We kept them inside to continue to grow.

 I was given a gardening box full of tags and labels for the seeds you plant, it is so cute and have enjoyed opening it and up and getting started!
 Contents of my gardening box

 I have taken the leeks and onions and put them in the trays. I now move them outside for the day and bring them out for the night, so they get used to being outside.
 I have planted 6 lettuce seedlings outside, you can just see them in the picture below. I have put a net over them to protect them from birds etc. Lets see how they get on. I still have some lettuce growing inside, I will plant them out in a few days. Just so that I don't end up with lots of lettuces all ready to eat at the same time. Thats the plan anyway!

 Sunflower seeds growing nicely. I planted three, one for me, my husband and my daughter - who's will grow the tallest?!
And of course strawberries, we started growing them last summer and have helped them along abit recently (taken the dead bits off) and they are growing really well now. We like strawberries so we have quite a few plants growing.
So there you have it, I will keep you updated on how they all grow.
Have you planted anything recently? Id love to know.

Thanks for reading:-)

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