Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Hanmade lampshade slip cover

Oh my word, I have loved this project. It has been on my to do list for a while. And I've done it! Yay!
I found a cheap £2 reduced lampshape and waited for the perfect fabric for the job. I remembered about some tractor fabric I had stashed away and knew my almost 2 year old would love it. I had thought for a while which would be the best way to make the lampshade cover. I had seen lots of ways using glue, but as a sewer knew, surely there would be another way!
This tutorial helps you make a 'slip' to cover the current lanpshade. So if you change your interior you can slip this cover off and make another.
If you want a quick and simple project. This is for you. It took me less than an hour.

Are you ready? Lets begin. 

Grab your lampshade, pencil and greaseproof paper. 
Put the lampshade onto the paper and follow the top line of the lampshade rolling it round creating a pencil line. Repeat for the bottom line. 
Cur out your template. 

Lay your template onto your fabric. 
Cut round the template. 
*now then, I cut round giving myself a good 1cm allowance all the way round. As it turns out I'm pleased I did. And would did it again next time. So give yourself allowance around every side.

Wrap your newly cut fabric around your lampshade - inside out. 
Gather the raw edges together (don't overlap them) and pin along the surface of the lampshade. 

Take it off the lampshade. 
Sew along the pinned line. 

Turn it round the right way. 
Slide onto your lampshade. 
Looking good so far! 

Remember we added 1cm to the edges? Here is why. There are options of how to finish the top and bottom edges off. 
Im going to both on my lampshade. 

First option which I did on the top edge. With the fabric on the lampshade fold the edges back into themselves (but make sure its not on the lampshade itself) and pin into place. 

Second option
To make some binding to cover the raw edge. This is neat but bulky. 

Here you can see I have a binded bottom edge and a folded over top edge. All pinned into place. 
Choose how you are going to finish your edges. 
Sew your edges.

Look all sewn up. 
Wasn't that simple?! 
Now put into place, turn the light on and admire your handy work. 

I have really enjoyed this project. Minimal sewing with a brilliant outcome and so effective. 
My little boy loves his new lampshade. 

Im waiting on which lampshade will get it next! 

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