Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hanmade notebook cover

I have just started using a new noteobook with a black leather case and I wanted to jazz up my notebook. So I decided to make a fabric cover for it.
It is an A5 notbook and this is how I did it...

I cut out my fabric just abit taller than the book and enough to go from side to side x 2.
 Put the best sides together and sew almost all the way round, leaving a couple inches gap, for later.

 Turn inside out. I then added a ribbon. Sew this on in place.

Fold the two inside inwards, pin and sew the a straight line across the top and bottom.

 Choose some other fabric to make a small flower embellishment
 Cut some circles, I did this roughly as I didn't want to it to be too perfect!
 Layer them on top.

 Sew the edges down, try using different stiches for each round.

 Add a button to the front.
 Sew your flower into place.

 And thats it! Done, simple! And you can reuse the cover for when you have finished with the notebook - or just make another one!

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