Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Beach bag photoshoot

It is starting to be abit warmer and feeling like summer. My beach bags have been popular. So I thought I would show you a few shots of the beach photoshoot.

Aren't they goegeous?! I am so pleased how they look. Which is your favourite?  They are the perfect size for everything: towel, drink, magazine, camera. Perfect! 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Kid's project: PE bag

Good morning.
It has been half term here and a welcomed week off - which meand one thing for my daughter "mummy can I do some sewing!" I had thought about it thankfully, so had a few suggestions for her. She decided to make a PE bag. Good choice!

Here are the fabrics she chose. 

Cut out 4 rectangles two from each fabric. The pink will be the lining. These are approx 15" x 20" 

On the top end of the fabric fold over and press. Do this to each piece of fabric. Then sew that edge down. Repeat until all four fabrics are the same. 

She's getting stuck in. * note I got her to do some practice sewing on the machine to refresh her. If you are doing this with your little one give then time to practice too. 

Here are the pressed and stitched top edges. 

Look at those little fingers! 

With the fabric the wrong way round you want to sew the two fabrics together. Lay them ontop of each other. Wrong sides together. On the lining I drew a dot from where to start stitching. This dot is a few inches from the top. (This will eventually be folded gown to create a tunnel for your ribbon to go through - So fold down and then put your dot) 
I drew a line from the dot all the way to the bottom round the corner and then leave a gap on the bottom edge and then back up the other side up to the same place where the dot would be. Sew on that line. 

Do the same to the outside fabric. 

But you don't need a bottom gap but you don't need to sew the bottom corners. So leave a gap on the two bottom corners. (This will be where your ribbon will go) 

Here you can see where you sew from. 

Doing good! 
Next step turn the fabric round the right way. And insert the lining into the outer fabric. 

Now fold down the top edge into the bag with both layers together. Folding down enough space for ribbon. 

Turn it inside out and find the edges that create a 'V' shape. I drew a line on. Pin in place and stitch on that line. Repeat this to the other 'V' shape. 
(You could leave this step out but you will find it really neatens the edge wjere the ribbon comes out and is worth it ;-) ) 

Turn round and press that 'V' down. 

Edges are looking good. 
Remember you pressed down the top edge? Fold it fown again and pin together. 

Stotch as close the open edge as possible. Temember your ribbon needs to fit in here. 

She is doing so well. 

Here you can see the tunnels for the ribbon. 
** Almost done! 

Cut two pieces of ribbon. At least 1.5m each. Attach a safety pin to one ribbon, on one end. And thread it through from one end. Repeat with other ribbon from the other end. 
Pull the ends and pull down into the corner of the outer fabric. Pin into place. 
Sew those ends into your corners. Back stitch a few times to make this really secure. 
Last thing to do is stitch the gap in your lining together. 
And thats it! 
Let's take a look....

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sea glass mirror

This was  fun project I did with my daughter. When we go to the beach we always go on the hunt. We have a jar full of different coloured sea glass. She has asked for a while now "what can we do with it?" So we finally got round to making something different.
We gathered and collected what we wanted to use. We also sorted through some shells - aren't they pretty?! 

You will need: wood, mirror, adhesive I used Unibond and a spatula 

We sorted our sea glass into colours. 

I put the adhesive onto the wood. Right into the corners. 

Pushed the mirror into it.

Then my daughter enjoyed pressing the sea glass in. It was fun choosing what colours and shapes to put where. 

Deep in the world of creativity! 

When everything was in place we let it dry for 24hours. 
Then we coveted that with grout. To finish the edges off anx then neatened it off with a damp cloth. 
Let that dry and tada! 
All done. 

Perfect little project for one little girlie! 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Sewing room revamp

I am so thankful to have space to keep my sewing machine, more than that, I have space to leave it out and be creative.
I have been sewing so much more recently and the need for more space around my machine is always needed. Plus to make it look abit more like "my" space.

Here it is - the before

And then we got to painting the desk. I watered down some Provence Annie Sloan chalk paint. And painted the desk with some help with my little lady. She loved helping out. 

As I watered the paint down I wanted an antiqued look. I sanded the edges after painting it and then waxed it to finish it off. A quick and easy update. 

Starting to come together... 

My hasband made a long length table top. 
Ahh so much better. 
I added a big notice board on the wall. Used a fruit crate to use as a shelf. 

Hello Space!

Ohh look at that wood! 

Ok so some of my items are cluttering the space up, but I like having some of them at my work space. 
So much better. 
What do you think? 
I love working here :-)