Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hanmade toilet roll nativity

My three year old daughter and I enjoyed making this project. She chose the fabrics and ribbons and added a littlee face.I broke it down into stages.
We started with the box, Mary, Joseph and Jesus.
 The added a few characters at a time. These are three shepherds

 The three wise men.

Of course the angel and we added a sparkley star too. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas craft ideas

Here are a few of my favourite Christmas crafts.
If you need more inspiration click here, to go to my Christmas board on Pinterest.
stitched paper garlands
stitched paper garland thehybridchick.com
Embroidery hoops
hoop embroidery countrykittyland.com
These would make adorable place cards for Christmas dinner!
use them as place settings katespaperie.com
christmas hanging wreath
Christmas hanging wreath rosylittlethings.typepad.com
toilet paper roll christmas ideas
toilet roll decoration olderandwisor.blogspot.com
Paper Christmas ornaments
Paper decorations mmmcrafts.blogspot.com
Cute and simple!!
Christmas card lifeinmycraftroom.blogspot.com

Hanmade Christmas tree decorations

I have been making a few tree decorations recently, they are really simple and sweet to add to the tree.
I like the bird ones best!

Hanmade candles

'tis the season to light lots of candles! I tend to make candles at this time of year. After collecting jars and containers I get metling!
Lots of people have asked me recently how I make them, so I thought I would share my tips here with you!
 Gather your eqipment together: empty jars or moulds. If your using moulds cover the inside with washing up liquid, this makes it easy to get the candle out when you have finished! a stirer, wicks, thin sticks (I now use skewers) I also cover my work surface in foil so I can just put it in the bin once the project is finished.
 Also you need blue tac and wax. I had alot of leftover wax from previous candles, which is what I used here.
 Start by putting a small pan inside a bigger pan that has water in. Add your wax and get melting. Just be careful of not getting any water into the wax pot.
 Before you add any wax, put your wick inside your container. Attach it to the stick with the blue tac at the top. Keep it there until the project is done. This keeps the wick in place and means it won't sag near the top onto the drying wax.
Then start to add your wax. Add a bit at a time....
 Once you have put your first lot in, let it cool down, this is where your wood stick comes in. Push the stick through the wax all the way to the bottom. Do it all over the top of the wax paying particular attention to the area around the wick. This is so that any air bubbles come out of the holes. Then you can top it up with some more wax. Repeat this process one or two times. You will then get a complete smooth top and no holes in the wax once its dried. I hope that makes sense!
 You can see above the red candle has had layers put in to let the air bubbles out but you cant notice now that its all cooled. The other one I wanted different colours.
Dont forget to keep the wick attached to the stick.
let it cool and dry over night, at least.
Then trim the wick down.
 And tada! thats it.
This was a jar my daughter decorated last Christmas. Now its got more life in it!
This is so easy, give it a go and have fun!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hanmade sale

I have been a busy mama!
So the Hanmade sale I had a few weeks ago went really well.
Here is a taster of some of the products I made...
The sale included baby items, bags, zip pouches, ipad covers, greeting cards and cushions. I hope you have liked having a look at my itmes.
**Coming soon...
Hanmade christmas cards and decorations
Plus have you got your advent calender up yet! - I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hanmade fabric tray

I wanted to give this a try. It is really quick and simple. Follow the steps below to make your very own fabric tray!
Collect your fabric together.
I used some blue patterned fabric plus a cream fabric for the outer layer. Also I used some soft lining to give it some extra hold.
Cut it out so that the three layers are all the same rectangle. Unless you want a square tray!
Turn your layers inside out. So your pattern and outer face each other. Sew around the edges leaving about a 2-3" gap on one edge.
 Can you see the bottom on this picture the gap I left? (sorry I was lazy and didn't iron the fabric!)
 Heres the gap
 Turn it round the right way. And press.
 Then sew all the way round even over the gap.
 Now here you will need to make a few decision.
I measure 1.5" in from the sides and corners and marked it with a date. My finger is on one fothe dots. This will be where your inside corner will be. Mark four dots.
 Then do a dot to do and sew connecting those dots together. Creating a rectangle smaller than the piece of fabric.
 Here is mine. Almost finished now!
 Then pinch the corner of your stitched line.
 Sew from the stitch outwards towards the fabric edge.
Do this four times on each corner.
Wasnt that simple!? Why not try different shapes and sizes. Have fun!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

around here recently

I have been doing lots of sewing recently. I thought you might like to see what I have been upto.
I have been doing lots of cards, to get my stock up.
Ive enjoyed trying a few new things.
I have had some really lovely bright paper to use too. 
 My first ipad cover, I love it! Started my second already!
Really enjoying lots of fabric applique.
 tea cup small bag detail.
Hanmade invites are out there! Looking forward to my *first party!*
Start of a Hanmade order, set of 3 fabric bowls.
Coming soon
Hanamde bag tutorial and fabric trays!