Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 24 March 2014

Hanmade teacup and tea pot coaster set

I made these cute coaster sets by using a template pattern I found. Arent they cute and they are so simple.
I started by doing a set in plain fabrics but then tried out patching some fabrics together. If I was to do this again I wouldn't patch fabric together as it made it bulker to sew when it was the right way round. I like the simpleness of the plain fabric.
go here to find the tutorial and instructions.

hanmade pinafore dress

I am really pleased with this project. My daughter has a pinafore dress that every time she wears it I alwasy think that I could make something similar. So I decided to go for it. BUT it meant I had to make my own pattern from the dress but to also enlarge it as she keeps growing! Eck I hadn't done this before so I was going to take each step slowly.
So I made a paper pattern of the top part of the dress. After measuring her waist and chest just to clarify her size. I then make the paper into a fabric patter pining it together at the sides and trying it on on her. It seemed to be a good fit.
So I then moved on to cutting out the fabric I was wanting to use.
I found the pink lining fabric and attached that to the main fabric. I knew once I had sorted out the bodice then the skirt part would be easy. It could be made to be as full  and long as I wanted it to be.
I am pleased I made a pattern, it now means I can make another dress and adapt it too!
My daughter is really chuffed with it, asking to wear it and thanking God for "her dress that mummy made!"

around here recently....

 Making models with my daughter!
Its defeintly spring around here which is lovely although after such a mild winter Im still waiting for the cold and rain. Taking advantage of the sunshine and breeze its great to be able to get the clothes drying on the line, especially baby clothes. I am now due baby number 2 in four weeks, eck, we are very excited! I can't see my feet any more and waddle like Jemima Puddle duck! But all is good.