Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

learn to sew - lesson 7 sew a crown

Today is a project that my daughter had to make for school. A crown to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday! Everyone has to make and wear a crown to school.
Why cut and stick when you can sew?! 
And as an extra we could do it as a sewing project together. My daughter loved the idea.... so, lets get started. 

measure around the head for the crown. 
we choose some felt and heart fabric. 
Cut the crown shape from the fabric. 

Get your machine ready, my little lady loves trying to thread the machine. 

Sew the fabric onto the felt. Following the edges round. 

Then trim the felt from the fabric.

We found some sparkly pink ribbon that we folded over the bottom edge and stitched onto the bottom of the crown. 

we added more ribbon and a heart to our design. 
You can add buttons, flowers or anything else you would like. 

Bring the short edges together, overlap them, pin  and sew down. 

Your done. One sweet crown made and ready to be worn. 

Perfect. This was a great little project whigh I would reccomend, as it was quite quick and easy to put together but fin to embellish which my daughter enjoyed. 
So to recap some of the things we have practiced today: 
threading the sewing machine, choosing felt, fabrics and ribbons, sewing along the fabric jn straight lines with some pivoting, adding the embellishments, we also did some zig zag stitch (because we could!) and pinning. 

Well done prince and princesses - enjoy your new fabric crowns 

*** since posting this, my daughter enjoyed wearing her crown to school. Then when collecting her at the end of the school day to find she won the 'make a crown' competition! 

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