Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hanmade denim skirt

Everyone needs a denim skirt, or two! Its been in mind to make for a while and Ive finally done it!
So today Im showing how easy it is to reuse that old pair of jeans (or any trousers - Ive done it to cords and linen trousers before) to make a skirt.

So cut your trousers. I cut mine around the knee. Making sure you give yourself enough fabric to heam the bottom of the skirt - so dont cut it where you want the skirt to ginish ( unless your going to leave the rdge raw) 

Unpick the seams of the leg. 
Press those seams open. 

then grab your pins and start tucking over the middle part of the trouser so it sits flat. Pin all into place. 

cut out triangle shapes of the left over leg. Pin these into place. 
Sew all those edges. 

put the skirt on. Measure where you want the bottom of the skirt to be.
I wanted a nice neat edge to my skirt. So I ironed and pinned the heam up. 
Sew along that edge. 
Thats all there is to it! 
You can also do this to kids trousers too! 

Now these jeans will be worn rather than stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe! 

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