Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 18 April 2016

Learn to sew - lesson 6 scented fabric heart

I hope your enjoying your sewing practice.
Today we are going to sew a small stuffed heart.
Cute and simple and perfect for any almost 6 year old.

We started by making a heart shape on some cardboard. 
Cut it out. 

Draw around the template twice in your fabric. 

you can see the heart line. 

pin your hearts wrong sides together. 

Start to sew aling the line. We put in a pin where to start and finish sewing. Make sure you leave a good size gap for later. 
Where you want the ribbon to go insert it into the fabric with the loop on the inside. Sew over the top. 

sew on the lin. And then trim (I did this part) around the heart. Where the gap is give abit more fabric. 

Now turn the heart the right way round. 

Its taking shape! 

we wanted to add some lavender in, so we started with that.

Than adding the stuffing until its in around all the sides and you feel its full enough. 

Now for some hand sewing. 
So choose the thread. 
Thread the needle. 
Double thread and knot the end. 
Insert needle and start in and out on the gap of your fabric. 
My daughter did all of this without me telling her what to do! She is loving threading the needle and getting on with it! 

There we go! 
Great job sewers! 

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