Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 18 April 2016

Hanmade fabric bible cover

I really need to cover my Bible. I wanted something simle and not cheesy.

Follow these steps to work alongside me.

So after searching through my stash I found the right fabric.

Hem the side seams. Here they are pinned here. 

Add decoration to the front/ back now. 

Now you need to fold over the ling sides. I did this twice so the raw edge if folded away. 
Use your iron to help you with this. 
Work out where you need to fold the sides in. Press them down with the iron. 

With the sides folded in, sew along the top and bottom edge. 

All sewn. 
Now insert your Bible. 
A quick lunchtime project, done! 

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