Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Learn to sew - Lesson 5 hand sewing

Well what a great few weeks sewing we have had. How has your sewing been going?

Today we are going to move on.... and do some hand sewing.
Hand sewing is a great skill to have. Whether its sewing on a button or fixing a seam.
So thats what we are going to learn about and put into practice today.

Trying this out will help with threading a needle, accuracy with sewing, stitch length and funishing off. We will also add a button or two.

I started off explaining about having a double thread for a stronger stitch. 
I got my daughter to thread the needle!- she did it! And to tie a knot in the end. She enjoyed all of this. Then thread it through starting at the back of the fabric, bring it through to the right side. Now your ready to begin. Going in and out teying to keep equal distance as you go. 
And keep going. 
Why don't you change thread colour. 
And keep going. 

My daughter then tried her initials. 
Looking good. 

Then time to add a button. 
The hard bit os choosing a button! 
So thread your needle with a knot at the end. Do a few stitches where you want the button to be. Then put the needle through one of the button holes and through the other button holes. Then through the fabric. Repeat this a few times. 
Once its secure. 
Take hold of the needle and wrap the thread round the base of the button between the button and fabric. Wrap it a couple of times. Then push the needle through the fabric under the button. Then finish by doing a few stitches at the back. 
Done! God job. 
My daughter kept going and added another button, why not?! 

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