Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hanmade baby bibs

This is a great project to make. Its easy and you make great results. Using scrap pieces of fabric to make these lovely baby bibs.
I made these 3 bibs as a gift for a baby shower I was going to. I hope you like!

My chosen fabric

 I made  my own template so that I could make as many as I wanted to.

 Trace around the template onto the fabric. Making sure the fabric is turned right sides together.

 Then sew onto the drawn line. You are sewing the 2 pieces of fabric together. Make sure you don't complete it, leave about 6 inches open.

 Then cut around your stitches leaving a small lip where you haven'y sewn. Turn the fabric inside out (using your unsewn gap)

 Looking good so far! Press it with an iron. I added a small sewn label onto one side.

 Then stitch around the edge of the fabric, this finishes it off nicely and sews the gap that was left open.
 Add a small velcro strip to the top. Pin in place and sew.

And Tada!
I think it looks great. I then made a few more.

I hope you enjoy making these. Let me know how you get on!


  1. Lovely! Where do you get your fabric from? It's gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks Sophie! I am v fortunate as my mother in law makes curtains for a living so I get her cutoffs for my projects!