Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 5 March 2012

simple childrens bag

I am pleased with how this turned out. It was a spare of the moment idea for a little girl's first birthday. I know how much my daughter enjoys playing with a bag, every girl needs a bag! So I made this for her birthday - I hope she likes it.

Follow the stages below for a quick bag. You can make the bag bigger by using larger pirces of fabric.

 I cut out the fabric as to what I thought would be a good size rather than certain measurements. Cut two pieces that are the same size but in different fabrics. The red will be the lining. Also cut a length of the outside and half it 0 this will be the handles.
 Fold the handles in half good sides together and sew down the egde. Do this to both handles.
 The outside fabric - fold in half and sew around the edges leaving the top open.
 The lining - sew leaving the top open and leaving a gap in the bottom.
 Handles - put a safety pin in the open end and reverse it through. You are turning the fabric the right way round. Do this to both of them and press.
 I wanted to put a name on the bag so I choose some mixed fabrics and cut the name out.
 Sew them onto the front. i used a zigzag stitch so you could see the sticthes.
 Almost done... Reverse all the fabrics making a sandwich with the handles inside. Pin in place. And sew around the top egde.
 Turn inside out and you are left with a hole in the bottom. Press it, to make it easier to sew.
 Sew the open edge closed.
 And complete! Press it to neaten it up.
Have fun!

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  1. Hannah, I made 3 of these on Friday for my nieces. Added a strip of contrasting fabric to the top. One of them I had to unpick as I sewed the handles on the inside! Thanks for the pattern. x