Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hanmade jeans to skirt

So here it is, the start of my daughters 3rd birthday outfit. She loves wearing skirts so I thought I would make her one. She has so many pairs of jeans I thought I would cut them up to make something for her to wear.
This is so simple to make, its helpful having the waistband already made. So choose a pair of jeans that fit well around the waist and choose some pretty fabric and get going!
Cut the jeans just under the crouch.
 Choose the fabric. You want to create a long length, double the waist measurement. Depending on how full you want the skirt to be add abit more.
heam one long egde.
Stitch together the short edges of the fabric.
 To create the gathered affect, stitch a length (on the other long length) which is the longest stitch you can do on your machine. Dont double stitch it. You then want to pull one of the threads to create a gathered affect. Keep pulling it through until you are happy.
 Pin this to the denim skirt (inside out of course!)
its best if you pin it matching all the edges together and keeping the gathering bits equal all the way around.
Then start sewing the two edges together.
And thats it!
Well done.

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