Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Friday, 7 December 2012

Hanmade lavender pouches

These are so cute! And super easy to make!
So lets not waste any time!
All you need is some small bits of fabric, some lavender - I had my from our garden
dried all ready to use, and thread.
Do you remember I made a fabric basket not long ago? Go here. Do you remember there were some squares left over? I said there was a perfect project that we could use the squares, well this is it!
 Grab your fabric squares. Front and back.
 Here is my dried lavender smelling sweet and ready to go!
 Put the squares good sides together.
 Sew almost all the way round, leaving a small gap in one side. Trim the corners.
 Turn the right way round.
 Put the lavender inside.
 Sew the gap closed.
 Trim the thread and tada! Simple!
Why don't you make some more!?
 Add some ribbon or wool with a label.
This is a gift for someone special and I think she will love these Hanmade lavender pouches.

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