Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hanmade Christmas candles

I have been busy making some christmasy bits. And today I am going to show you some candles that I have made. I have been collecting wax and jars and also been on a hunt around my house to find some cute containers to put the wax into for a candle.
I have made candles before and its quite an easy process - So if you haven't done it before and fancy it, its simple, but there are a few tricks to it, so whay not give it a go.
Get 2 saucepans that fit inside one another.
Put water in the bigger pan and wax in the smaller pan.
Turn the heat on and start melting, keep an eye on the water, you don't want it to bubble over into the smaller pan.
** If you are adding a scent, I put Christmas Spice into mine, add it just before you pour the wax into your container. Also this would be the time to add your colouring.
Prepare your containers, I used some jars and other containers. I put some foil down onto the surface so its easier to tidy up when your done.
 Put your wick into the container. I dipped the end into the wax so it woulod stick to the jar initially to get it in the centre.
 Roll the end of the wick to a piece of wood/ cocktail stick or lolly pop stick so that the wick doesn't disappear.
 Add some wax in, not quite to the top.
When its started to dry abit get a stick and poke some holes to the bottom of your container.
 ***You must do this as it get all the air bubbles out and finishes the top of the candle evenly.
Then add some more wax.
And repeat the process again. You can't do this enough, 2 times is fine. But make sure you do it!
 Here is it toppped up. Don't worry about the wax drying seperatly as long as its the same wax there will be no lines.
And thats it!
Let them dry for at least 24 hours, remove the sticks and cut the wick down.
 I added some starts whilst they were still slightly wet.
 Add some ribbon for decoration.

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