Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hanmade birp cloths

This small project is super easy to make. make one or make loads! Once you get going you could be on a roll.

Choose some nice fabrics (that have been machine washed) some wadding and thread and thats it.

Here you go....

 My fabrics, all 100% cotton, white soft backing plus wadding
 Cut out a rectangle in the fabric and the white backing the same size.
 Cut out some wadding too, just abit smaller than the other two pieces of fabric.
Sandwich them together. Put the front and back fabrics pattern sides together with the wadding ontop.
 Sew around the rectangle.
 Leaving a small gap in one side.
 Then turn inside out using the gap you just left.
 ***TIP cut off the corners so they sit much better when they are the right way around.
 Pin the gap closed and press.
 Sew over the top with a coloured thread all the way round. Making sure you go really well over the gap.
 Pin in place where you want to sew a line over the fabric making it sewn into thirds.
 Sew the lines down the fabric.
Cut the loose ends. And thats it.
Fold the cloths on the sewn lines and repeat as many times to make lots and lots.

Hope you have enjoyed making them.

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