Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Garden growing update

Our weather hasn't been brilliant but our fruit and vegtables are still growing, phew!
Here are some pictures of how they are getting on

 Homegrown strawberries taste the best! So sweet and just right, much better then bought. If you have never grown strawberries they are easy, give it a go!

 My lettuce are growing well this year. They didn't do very well last year. I have started to realise the plus points to growing lettuce, when you don't know what else to have for dinner, it is instant. You don't need to pick the whole lettuce just take the leaves you want and tada!
Inbetween the lettuce are parsnips to be picked in the winter.
Gooseberries. They are abit different in flavour, but added with apple to make a crumble served with ice cream it makes a great pudding.
We also have onions and leaks growing, I htink they are doing ok, time will tell.

What are you growing?

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