Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Car journey survival!

So we have been on holiday, of which started with an eight hour car journey, with a toddler. So I had to be prepared!
I did as much as I could do before the journey to make it as pleasent for us and as fun and unboring for my two year old.
Here is what I did...
 A few new books wrapped in gift wrap.

 I made this very cute fabric envelope which I put a pack of stickers, pencil crayons and I made a small note book for her scribbles.
 Some busy bag toys. See here on how to make a busy bag
 I made another fabirc envelope and put some small fun things inside. A rubber frog and some curtain loops
 Small container full of pompoms, a great fun 5 minute activity
 which I wrapped up too.

Plus s stop for a picnic lunch and run around and thwn of course when it was really needed a DVD.
And we survived!
Hope you find this helpful.

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