Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 14 November 2011

A feast for the eyes: HanBags!

I thought I would share with you a few images of bags I made, during my final year as a textile student at university. I spent the year designing and printing fabric and then making bags out of the fabric. I loved it and learnt an awful lot about making bags. The construction of bags is something that even today I can remember (!) But also use.

So whilst we are on the theme of my bags and I have made so many over the last few years, here a few to sample from my final year at university.

 The top four ones I designed and screen printed the fabric. The wood or acrylic handles I helped make. All the ones from my uni days are now sold. My favourites are the top two. What do you think? 

I like trying out new shapes and fabrics. I particuarly like this bottom one. I used a pattern that is so easy and I love the fabric.
What do you think?

*This was the beginning of Hanbags :-) *

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