Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hanmade duvet cover

I was given a fun butterfly double covet that had been cut at the seams. I decided to make it a single duvet cover for my daughter.

Follow this step by step to make your own duvet cover.

Grab your fabric. I used a single duvet cover as a template to know how long and wide to cut my fabric.
I put the butterfly fabric right sides together matching up the poppers. 
Then cut the right size. 

with right sides together sew the fabric following the two longest sides plus one short side. You want to leave the bottom side open (where the poppers are) If your not using an old duvet cover & just fabric, heam the bottom edge of each side of fabric before sewing the three edges. 

This is what your aiming for follow the ------ for your stitch line. 
Once three sides are sewn zig zag over those edges to make them super strong. 

And thats it. Turn it roynd the rigjt way and put duvet in! 

Good job duvet makers :-) 
Now lets make a matching pillow case....
click here for pillowcase tutorial

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