Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 28 March 2016

Learn to sew - Lesson 2

I hope you enjoyed the first lesson. Today is a similar lesson. 
Turn your machine on and familiarise yourself with the functions: pedal, pressure foot& needle. Once your sewing machine is threaded. Choose your fabric. 

When your fabric is secured with the needle in the fabric you can start a straight stitch. 

Follow the side of the fabric. 
When you get to a corner, leave the needle in the fabric, pressure foot up and pivot the fabric round. Pressure foot back down. Hands in place and start sewing again. 

Repeat this as much as you want. 
This is great practice; sewing along the length of the fabric and pivoting round a corner. 

We also learnt about using the reverse button. Keeping your hands in place, whilst pressing the reverse button and using your pedal - all at once. 

Today we have practiced:
My daughter is loving deciding where to see. Doing corners, straight lines and learning the reverse button. 

Happy Sewing :-) 

Lesson 3 here 

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