Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Friday, 25 March 2016

Hanmade christmas stocking

Christmas is coming... and everyone needs a stocking. I was asked by some friends so make them some christmas stockings with some of their own fabric.
They turned out lovely.
I have made it in steps for you to make your own.

So I started by making my own template. Something I could use again and again. I put twp pieces of A4 paper together and drew on that. I made the origional shape and also put a rectangle on the edge as this stocking will have a cuff at the top. 
Cut your template out. 

Pin the template onto your fabric. 
For one stocking you will need two pattern stocking pieces, two linings plus two pattern cuffs. The cuffs are rectangles folded in half. 

here they are

pin your rectangle pattern onto the top of the stocking, for the front and back. 

and pin the pattern to the lining too. 
Stitch those seams together. 

Lay the stocking on top of each other. 

This is when you add a ribbon or string to your stocking. Make a loop out of string and tuck it into the side of the lining. 

now stitch around the entire stocking. Leaving a gap in the bottom of the lining. 

i also added my label. 

once stitched all round, using the gap in the lining turn your stocking the right way round. Give it a good press with the iron. 

sew your gap lining up. 
Then insert the lining into the stocking, getting the cuff into place. 
Press again. 
How simple was that?! 
And now that you have a template you can make lots! 

Arent they cute?! 

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