Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

shrink plastic goodness

Oh yea! I discovered this through a friend who owns a gallery and makes small magnets and badges mafe from shrink plastic. Well my mind started going and thought what I could make.
So I was given a pack for my birthday and got experimenting.
So you will need permenant pens, watercolour pencils, a hole punch, scissors, plus magnets, keyrings, earrings etc that you might want to add at the end.

I used white plastic. It also comes in different colours and clear. 

Cut the pladtic. **Remember it shrinks, upto 7 times smaller. Do cut your shape and size with this in mind. 
Then use the permenant pen to draw onto the scratchy side. 
Above was my first experiment.

I then wanted to make some earrings. So I cut the shape out, it looked huge for earrings! 
Drew the patterns in. I hole punched to top of each for the earrings to go in. Then put them on foil on a baking sheet. Put that in a preheated oven. Watch it. It will take about a minute. It will curl and bend in the oven. When it stops curlung and shrinking take out immediatly and put something heavy on top. 
Thats it done! 

Dont they look good? I love the effect they make when its shrunk down. 
Hmmm what else can I make? Button earrings? 

My daughter was interested in this too. She spent a long time adding all the detail in. We then added a pin on the back to make her own badge - she loves it! 
I also tried adding some colour sfter adding the black pen. Which worked really well. The pink chalky pencil didnt work well as it smudged. 

There you go - give it a try! 

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