Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hanmade canvas art

Ive been thinking for a while how to add to my daughters bedroom walls. 
Wanted some pictures or art work that she would like and something that she wouldnt grow out of quickly. 
Then I remembered I had a few blank canvases. 
I didnt want to kust paint a picture. 
So we did some experimenting. 
On the first smaller canvas we used PVA glue to draw our heart outlines. 
We let that dry over night.
The next day I got out the food colouring, watered it down and we got painting. 
I got my daughter involved which she loved. 

 on the wet bits we put rock salt to see how it would work
Finished the blue background and let it dry.

When its dry take all the salt off. We also tried table salt but that didnt work so well.
 My daughter loved making this together. A great mini project but also she can look at it 
On her bedroom wall. 
All round thumbs up!

But then I decided to make one for her wall, why not?!

I love how this turned out. I used watercolour paints for this canvas. It takes quite abit of woeking the paint in because its meant for oil paints. But I like the washed effect. I think the colours worked well too. 

Using rock salt worked really well, I love the effect. 

Are you inspired by our glue, paint & salt art? 
Give it a try :-) 

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