Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hanmade dolly nappy bag and change mat

With number two on the way I have been trying to get a few small sewing projects done for my daughter to enjoy for when baby arrives.
The one dolly thing she doesnt have is a nappy change bag and accessories. Instead of going to buy one I thought I would give it a go.
Check out the many photos below to see how I made it!
Nappy bag
Gather your fabrics together. I also used a fleece lining to give it some body.
Cut out one of each 10" x 26"
x2 sides 10"x 26"
 strap length
pocket plus what ever you want to applique
 With the fleece lining underneath and the top fabric on top pin and applique
your design into place.
Now pin the two sides (including the fleece lining underneath)  onto the outside fabric.
Sew down the legnth of the bag, dont take the needle out, just turn the top fabric round to the edge and sew along the short edge, dont take the needle out, but turn it again to sew the other long edge.
Repeat this for the other side. 
Turn round the right way.
Its taking shape!
 Repeat with the lining.
 To make the handles:
fold and press inhalf right sides together.
Sew down this length.
Put a safety pin into the fabric on one side and push it through, pulling it all the way down the fabric.
Press your tube flat.
I want rounded corners for the flap of the bag, so I drew round a small dish and cut along the line.
Pin the lining and the bag right sides together. This might take a little bit of working out. But take your time so you get it right.
Make sure when you start sewing you leave a gap for later that itsnt sewn.
When you have sewn all the way round, turn the right way round.
This is my gap on the flap of the bag.
Press the bag particuarly the flap and then sew the flap closed.
Pin the velcro into place and sew.
Thats it.

Im really pleased how this has turned out.
I also made a small change mat for dolly too! Why not?!

Change mat 
I used a cotton and a really soft fluffy fabric.
Cut your fabric both to the same size.
As above I wanted rounded edges on each corner.
Sew round all the edges right sides together leaving a small gap on one side for later.
Turn the right way round and press.
 Here is my gap, sew around all the edges paying particular attention to the gap so all the edges are gathered in.
Thats its!
Very quick and easy!
I would like to make some bibs and nappies for dolly too, maybe another time!

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