Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hanmade bunting

Rently we moved my daughter into a different bedroom. She got to choose some new bedding and a lamp but I wanted to add something extra. So I decided to make some pretty bunting.
If you havent made bunting before it is very stright forward and as its quick you get good results quickly.
Here is a step by step to make your own bunting.
Make a triangle shape out of card. This will be your template for all your flags.
Cut out backing fabric and a mix of other fabrics for the front.
I then paired the triangles together - sandwiching right sides together a back triangle and a coloured triangle.
Sew around the two long sides, leaving the top open.
Cut the tip off the bottom corner, but dont cut into the stitches.
Turn the triangle the right way round and press.
Do this for all your flags.
 I used white bias binding. Start sewing at the beginning of the binding ( so there is space to attach or tie it up) then open it up and insert a flag. Make sure all of the top part is incased.
When you have sewn one flag in measure the length between the next one to sew in. Keep this gap the same between each flag.
Keep going until each flag has been sewn.
Leave some space the other end for tieing your buntning like you did at the beginning.
Thats it!
This really didn't take me long to make.
What don't you give it a try.
Have fun!

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