Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hanmade fabric tags

Good afternoon!
I love this little project, it is so cute, very simple to make especially if you have some small fabric scraps that you want to use.
So here we go, lets get started! Click on the images to enlarge them.
Make some templates, I made a tag template and a heart one for my appliqued design.
Cut your fabric out from the tag template.
Cut out 2, one for the front and back.
Cut out some small fabric lengths and stitch them together, I sticthed them by overlapping the edges together.
When you have a large enough fabric area, bigger than your heart, use your template and cut a heart shape out of the fabric lines.
I did some hand embroidery and added a button to the heart.
Now sew onto your main tag fabric.
The front it now done.
It look so cute!
Sandwich the front and back together, with the right sides facing each other.
Add in a ribbon, with the fold sandwiched inbetween the fabric.
Pin around the edges.
Sew almost all the way round. Leave a big enough gap to turn it the right way rounnd.
You can see my gap.
Now sew around all the edges, taking particualr care of the gap, you want to make sure this is neatly sewn up so it won't come undone.
Thats it!
Good job! I told you it was easy, so why not make some more.
**Why not use them as a gift tag or a book mark or a door handle to a kids bedroom!

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