Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hanmade fabric baby cube

I have made these before and I think they are great. Fun to make and good to get you trying out different techniques. I have included a zip opening, buttons, ribbons, a flap and personalised it with an embroidered name.
I have broken the steps down to each side of the square to make it easier to follow.
Please look at them and see what you fancy making....
 Gather your fabric together. This cube is for a boy, so more blues and greens.
Make a template, mine is 6x6"
Cut our four squares of the same size, just a bit bigger than half the origional template (You need to leave yourself enough for seam allowance once you sew them together.
Sew two sqaures together, repeat and then sew the 2 sets together.
Press open the seams.
Cut our 2 squares, one for the front one for the back. The front one (green in the pictures) needs to be alittle bit wider to take into account for the seam allowance on the zip.
Cut the front fabric in half.
Sew the zip into place.
Sew the back fabric onto the front fabric, making sure its sewn bigger than your origional template.
Embroidered name
Write your name onto the fabric in pencil or you can use invisible pens.
Dot with a pen equal gaps inbetween. This is where you will sew.
I used back stitch as I like this stitch, use any you like.
Applique and velcro flap
Make a small shape and sew it onto your fabric. I made a balloon with a thread zigzag stitched over the top to keep it in place.
Cut out a larger piece of fabric, this will be folded in half, make sure you leave enough seam allowance.
Turn it nice sides together, sew almost all the way round, leaving a gap.
Turn right way round.
Sew over the gap and add velcro into place.
Choose your fabric, cut out your pieces and pin them into place.
I used a small zigzag stitch around the edges.
Choose some buttons and hand sew them into place.
Now you have 6 squares already to be sewn together.
I paired the sqaures up to start with and sewed them together, right sides together, then started to add the other squares. Remember don't sew more then 4 togther in a line, else it won't fit together.
I cut some ribbon, folded them inhalf and added therm into a few of the seams.
Sew all the seams to the one next to it.
Once all your seams are sewn together leaving one side open, cut the corners off.
Turn the right way round.
Push the corners out with a closed pair of scissors.
Stuff it with stuffing.
Pin the one side closed and stitch closed.
And well done!
I hope you have enjoyed making this. I know I have.

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