Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hanmade baby giraffe

I made this seriously cute baby giraffe as a baby gift for some friends who just had a baby. I wanted to make something different and quick and simple. So I came up with a giraffe shape and got stuffing!
See below for 10 simple steps to make your very own stuffed animal.

I used two contrasting fabrics, for the front and back. With three matching ribbons on one side. I added my hanmade badge on the leg.

Steps to making your stuffed animal...

1 Cut out a shape you want from some card
2 Draw it onto the wrong side of one piece of the fabric.
3 With two pieces of fabric together (the wrong sides together)
Fold the ribbons you want in half and add those into the seam. The folded part of the ribbon will end up being on the outside, but for now put them on the inside sadwiched between the fabric. With a gap between each ribbon.
4 Sew on the line that you drew. But don't sew completely round, leave a gap of about 4" if you can (on the straightest part)
5 Cut around the sewn edge
6 Turn the shape the correct way round
7 Sew a small eye in place
 8 Stuff the shape with wadding
9 Pin the gap closed
10 Hand sticth the opening with a double thread securly


I hope you enjoyed making your stuffed animal, what next?!

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