Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Crafty aims of 2012!

I have been thinking this week of some of the things I want to make this year. I was very busy running upto Christmas with making lots of gifts. Now that they are all made and given, I have started to think of what my aims are to make this year, well the next few months at least!

So as I was given some scrapbooking accesories and I bought some cardstock, alphabet rubber stamps and luggage labels - I want to really get stuck into my scrapbook. I have a few months to catch up on. I ordered the photos this week, so soon I will have nothing to stop me .....

Also I want to ....
  • Make a sewing machine cover as my current one is abit tired
  • Experiment making some small paper journals
  • A skirt ( I haven't made myself clothes for a long time!)
  • Make my daughter a colouring and craft box
  • Sort out and plan our vegtable patch
  • Some more salt dough crafts
And I think that is enough to get me started.

What craft projects are you planning?

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