Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cornish Adventures

I have been watching Cornwall with Caroline Quentin a programme about Cornwall, 'the sights, smells and stories' I was born in Cornwall and grew up there, so watching this programme make me miss it. I miss the fresh air, beaches, cliffs, sea, the laid back approach to life, and the people.
So I started reminsing and looked at some of the photos I took on my last trip back down there. I thought you might like to take a look ...

If non of these pictures won't want make you want to take a visit, I don't know what will!
Hopefully it won't be long until my next trip. Looking forward to visiting some old haunts off the beaten track(away from the emmets!) and breathing in some Cornish fresh air.

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