Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Learn to sew - lesson 10 cushion

Hello again!
Here we are to make a cushion from an old T- shirt.

This has been on our agenda for ages. As my daughter has been enjoying to learn to sew, I decided it could be her project.
So how has your practicing been going? If its been a dhile, gind some old fabric that you can do a yest run on. Do some simple lines back and forth to get you going before you start.

This is a simple project with straight line sewing.
Lets begin....
grab your lovely t-shirt. If you don't have a t-shirt to use thats fine. Find some fabric. 
Using a t-shirt we are going to use the 2 side seams. So if you are using fabric, cut your fabric into a square or rectangle. Sew down 2 sides. 

here we have turned it inside out. I drew a line across the top, just below the arm hole. 
This will be your sew line. 

get sewing! 

then trim that excess off. 

There is a really cute frill on the bottom, which we want to keep. So pin together the bottom edge, leaving a gap in the middle. Sew the edge together. 

Here is the gap in the middle. 

Next for the fun & easy bit- fill the cushion full of stuffing. 

Pin the gap closed. 
With a needle a double thread ( my daughter loves threading the needle!- she is so good at it!) Sew the gap closed. 
* and your done* 


She loves it! 
She has added it to her comfy collection on her bed AND she made it by herself. 
What an easy sewing project. 
I hope you feel inspired. 

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