Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Learn to Sew - lesson 8 sewing kit

Today we are going to talk about equipment and all that you need to get started in your new hobby. We have been making a few new things which have been working really well. Now that we are going to get into it, its time to get properly equipped.

With my daughters 6th birthday looming, she needed her own sewing kit. With an old box I had as a little girl, I got excited to fill it with sewing goodies! I knew she would love owning her own things.

So here it is

Isn't it cute!?

In her box is; cotton threads in various colours, ribbon, tape measure, a collection of buttons, an unpicker, hand needles, safety pins, box of pins, pin cushion and some embroudery silks. The bit of fabric on the right is our next project, an old t-shirt of hers. (Keep a look out for the project coming soon!) You will notice there isn't a pair of fabric scissors, this is on purpose! She can borrow mine. 

Now if you don't have a sewing box, don't let this put you off. Start collecting your sewing bits and find a box or basket. Why not make your oen container. 

These items aren't a must have but a list to aim towards. My daughter loved opening it on her birthday, to have her odn sewing kit! 
Lets get our kids sewing young and enjoying it! 
I hope this is helpful- enjoy collecting. 

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