Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Learn to sew - lesson 9 girly skirt

Oh yea...when you find fabric to make matching skirt with your daughter! Yep! I made mine and my excited daughter made hers! Arent we cute?!
Follow these steps to make your own.

Here it is, so cute. 

Measure your waist and the length you want it to be. 
Add seam allowance for the bottom seam plus 1.5" fabric to the top edge. Plus s few more inches 6"-10" depending on how floaty you want it. 
Cut out a rectangle. This is the waist measurement plus the extra gather. 
Fold it in half along the short edges keeping the fabric the wrong way round. And sew slong that short edge.

keeping it inside out fold the top edge down about 1cm down and iron. Now fold that edge over again, just more than the thickness of your elastic. Needle in and start sewing close to the folded edge - but leave a gap sbout 2" for the elastic to go in. 

Test how long the eladtic should be by putting around the waist. You want a little bit of overlap. Put a safety pin on the top of the eladtic. Thread it through the gap in the waistband. Make sure you don't lose the end of the elastic! 

Then overlapp the edges of the elastic and sew them together. Push the elastic back in and sew up the gap. 

Now its time to sew the bottom heam. 
When we tried this out we realised it was sitting abit short. 
So we decided to add a frill. 
To do this get a longer piece of fabric heam one of the longer lengths, then right sides together attach it to the skirt, gathering as you go along. (Sorry no picture of this) 
Up until this point my daughter did all the sewing herself. She did really well. It comes down to lots of straight lines. 

Here it is...
Isn't it cute?!

I made one for me too! 
I added pockets onto my skirt, which I love, they sit really well and are a great size. 

Here we are, girly skirts together! 

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