Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hanmade patch cushion

Just incase you didnt know I love making cushions!
This time I was making one for a friend.
Grab your fabrics. I choose purples

Approxamatly cut out the shape and sizes you want.
I went for squares and rectangles do I could get a whole flower in. 
lay them out how you want them. 
This is the front.

One piece for the back. 
(Note not ironed yet! Opps!) 

Sew together, pressing the seams open.

this is the back of the front. 

Then cut the corners off. 
The helps to give a neat corner. 
turn right way round.
Use something shape into the corners so they look nice and pointy. 

If you havent pressed it yet do it now**
Stuff with wadding. 

When its full Pin open edge together. 
Sew together. 
For this I did a slip stich by hand. It keeps it nice and neat on the inside. 
And thats it! 

What a lovely gift it will make.

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