Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hanmade lense friend tutorial

What else could I make for my photographer Dad? This is it! So simple to make and I think and hope that it helps him. Im sure it will get a giggle as I ecplain what it is but then I think he will appreciate it. He does lots of kids and family photography so I thought this would be perfect.

Equipment: your camera - you need to measure around the lense, elastic, fabric, googley eyes, pompom.

I measured the lense 11" so thats what I cut my elastic. Doubled the fabric length to about 20". 
Fold in half right sides together.

Sew a line down the open edge but leavr a gap each side of aboit 3-4cm. 
then turn it round the right way.
The find the ends and pin them together. Yhen sew along yhat edge line. Your joining the two ends together.

Sewn end. Almost done!

Then push that Edge in. You now have a gap for your elastic to go in. 
Attach safety pin to the elastic and thread it through, keeping hold of the end. 
With the elastic overlapped stitch over the edges, securing them together.

Push the elastic into fabric. Bring the fabric edges together to close the gap and stitch closed. 
glue on some googly eyes and a pompom nose.

Perfect to distract any little one whist taking their photo.

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