Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Monday, 24 March 2014

hanmade pinafore dress

I am really pleased with this project. My daughter has a pinafore dress that every time she wears it I alwasy think that I could make something similar. So I decided to go for it. BUT it meant I had to make my own pattern from the dress but to also enlarge it as she keeps growing! Eck I hadn't done this before so I was going to take each step slowly.
So I made a paper pattern of the top part of the dress. After measuring her waist and chest just to clarify her size. I then make the paper into a fabric patter pining it together at the sides and trying it on on her. It seemed to be a good fit.
So I then moved on to cutting out the fabric I was wanting to use.
I found the pink lining fabric and attached that to the main fabric. I knew once I had sorted out the bodice then the skirt part would be easy. It could be made to be as full  and long as I wanted it to be.
I am pleased I made a pattern, it now means I can make another dress and adapt it too!
My daughter is really chuffed with it, asking to wear it and thanking God for "her dress that mummy made!"

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