Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hanmde summer skirt

I have been abit busy recently making a few summer skirts for my almost 3 year old (more on that another time!) I started off making some realy simple skirts and have got the hang of it. Once you have a basic skirt you can then adapt it and add things and thats when it gets to be LOTS of fun!
So here is one of the skirts I had for her.
First things first
Measure the waist and the length - waist to knee or where ever you want it to stop
My measurements here are 45" long ( her waist is 19" so I double it and added abit extra to give the skirt a fuller effect) and 12" which gives enough for adding the elastic for the waist.
This fabric already had an edge that didnt need hemming, so add that into your measurements.
 Cut and iron your length of fabric.
This is when you would hem the bottom of the skirt.
 Bring together the 2 edges right sides together and sew down. You can also zigzag this length too.
 Press open.
 Turn over the top edge about 1cm and press.
Turn that edge over again, you want to make sure the turn is wide enough to be able to fit the elastic inside. You can see by the picture thats mine is 2". Press once again.
 Sew all the way round leaving a few inches gap. In the picture its is between the pins.
 Measure the elastic. The waist of this skirt is 19", so cut elastic to 20". Attach a pin and thread it through the open gap. It will gather as you feed it through, this is fine, just dont let go of the other end of the elastic!
 Bring the ends together.
 Sew them together by overlapping the edges.
 Sew the gap back up.
 Then turn round the right way and here you go its done!
Good job!

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