Hanmade in Cornwall

Hanmade in Cornwall

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Murder Mystery

Well Christmas is over and its almost the new year. We are celebrating with friends, although one of us is a murderer! We haven't done a murder mystery before so it shall be fun.

The suspects:
Sigmund Froid - The Cold Austrian Psychoanalyst
With clipped beard, glasses, cigar and smart suit, Sigmund
has a wonderfully calm bedside manner, even if he is
obsessed about your dreams and sex life.

Heidi Evidence - Swiss Bank Clerk
A wonderfully beguiling lady with pigtails, freckles and
innocent expression. She is often seen in either her smart
banking suit, or her Swiss national dress.

Ivan Ego - Russian Inventor
Pessimistic and pragmatic to the last, Ivan is reliable and built
to last, even if he does run on vodka.

Dee Sypher - Code Breaker
Secretive and quiet, Dee is a real cloak and dagger sort of a
girl in dark glasses and trench coat.

Herr Cutt - German Barber
Never without his trusty pair of scissors, Herr Cutt is round
but well turned out with a pencil moustache and slicked hair.

Kiki De’Leggs - French Cancan Dancer
Always dressed to show off her fabulous legs Kiki is always
Ra-Ra-ready for anything.

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